Kitchen Door Curtain Picture



Country Door Curtain


Ann V. Gallentine


This curtain was designed for the window in our country kitchen door. I got the idea from my grandmother who crocheted such curtains many years ago. As I love to knit, I decided to try that medium for the project. The lace pattern of diamonds is just perfect. It came out so good that I am now knitting a tablecloth in the same pattern for our dining room table.

Materials: 9 ounces Peaches & Cream cotton yarn, #5 needles, large eye sewing needle, Sash Rod size 21-38 inches; .53 inch diameter

Gauge: 4.5 sts, 7 rows = 1 inch

Size: 26 inches x 26 inches


Cast on 121 sts

Bottom Hem:

P 1 row, k1 row, p1 row

Next Row: k1, yo, * k2tog, yo, repeat from *, ending with yo, k2

P1 row, k1 row.

Begin Pattern:

Row 1 (wrong side) and all odd rows: Purl

Row 2: k1, * k1, (k2tog, yo)x2, k1, (yo, ssk)x2, k2. Repeat from * across row

Row 4: k1, *(k2tog, yo,)x2, k3, (yo, ssk)x2, k1. Repeat from * across row

Row 6: k2tog, *, yo, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, ssk, yo, k3tog, Repeat from * across row, ending with ssk.

Row 8: k1, *(yo, ssk)x2, k3, (k2tog, yo)x2, k1. Repeat from * across row

Row 10: k1, *k1, (yo, ssk)x2, k1, (k2tog, yo)x2, k2. Repeat from * across row

Row 12: k1, *k2, yo, ssk, yo, k3 tog, yo, k2 tog, yo, k3. Repeat from * across row.

Repeat 12 rows for pattern. till curtain measures 25 inches or desired length.

Work in stockinette stitch for 1 inches. Bind off.

Fold down top edge and sew bound of stitches to make a hem for the curtain rod.

Sew bottom hem to make a scalloped edge. Weave in yarn ends.

Corrections and updates made October 2011

Copyright 2005, 2011 Ann V. Gallentine

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